Srimad-Bhagavatam: Canto 3 - Chapter 1 - Verse 6


सुतं मृधे खं वपुषा ग्रसन्तंदृष्ट्वा सुनाभोन्मथितं धरित्र्या ।आमन्त्रितस्तत्तनयाय शेषंदत्त्वा तदन्त:पुरमाविवेश ॥ ६ ॥


sutaṁ mṛdhe khaṁ vapuṣā grasantaṁdṛṣṭvā sunābhonmathitaṁ dharitryāāmantritas tat-tanayāya śeṣaṁdattvā tad-antaḥ-puram āviveśa


Narakāsura, the son of Dharitrī, the earth, tried to grasp the whole sky, and for this he was killed by the Lord in a fight. His mother then prayed to the Lord. This led to the return of the kingdom to the son of Narakāsura, and thus the Lord entered the house of the demon.


It is said in other Purāṇas that Narakāsura was the son of Dharitrī, the earth, by the Lord Himself. But he became a demon due to the bad association of Bāṇa, another demon. An atheist is called a demon, and it is a fact that even a person born of good parents can turn into a demon by bad association. Birth is not always the criterion of goodness; unless and until one is trained in the culture of good association, one cannot become good.