Srimad-Bhagavatam: Canto 12 - Chapter 1 - Verse 11-12


अहं ब्रह्म परं धाम ब्रह्माहं परमं पदम् ।एवं समीक्ष्य चात्मानमात्मन्याधाय निष्कले ॥ ११ ॥दशन्तं तक्षकं पादे लेलिहानं विषाननै: ।न द्रक्ष्यसि शरीरं च विश्वं च पृथगात्मन: ॥ १२ ॥


ahaṁ brahma paraṁ dhāmabrahmāhaṁ paramaṁ padamevaṁ samīkṣya cātmānamātmany ādhāya niṣkale


You should consider, “I am nondifferent from the Absolute Truth, the supreme abode, and that Absolute Truth, the supreme destination, is nondifferent from me.” Thus resigning yourself to the Supreme Soul, who is free from all material misidentifications, you will not even notice the snake-bird Takṣaka when he approaches with his poison-filled fangs and bites your foot. Nor will you see your dying body or the material world around you, because you will have realized yourself to be separate from them.